Drive Easy With New Tires

Get reliable tires without breaking the bank

Tires are essential for a functioning car, but unfortunately, that doesn't make them any cheaper. If your car's tires are worn-out and unsafe, come to Rogers Best Value Tire & Auto. We have a selection of new and used tires to fit any budget. We carry a wide variety of reliable brands, including Techno Remold tires.

If you need new tires, call us today at 607-263-2696 to speak with a team member. We'll be happy to discuss your tire needs and help you pick out safe and reliable tires.

The importance of safe tires

The importance of safe tires

Worn-out tires can increase your risk of hydroplaning or blowouts, which can be very dangerous. In addition to being safer, it's beneficial to replace your old tires because:

  • It will increase your vehicle's performance
  • It can give you better gas mileage
  • It improves your traction on the road

Contact us now to schedule an appointment for a tire replacement service. You can rest assured your new tires will be safe for the road.